VIDEO: See How An Angry Man Destroyed His Newly Bought Mercedes S-Class (His Reason Will Shock You)

A young man endured 15 years of hard work to buy himself a dream car, has done the unthinkable after the Mercedes Benz S-Class’s engine stopped running on three separate occasions.

According to reports, the 33-year-old korean after the complaints, took the car back to the local Mercedes dealer who apparently promised to change the car if the engine suddenly stopped again.

When the engine did in fact stall for a fourth time while the driver was behind the wheel with his family on board, he immediately headed back to the dealership.

It was gathered that the dealership workers told him that they couldn’t do anything until their boss returned from an ongoing business trip, and the man who was not satisfied with the explanation, decided to smash his car using golf club.

The frustrated owner said “The Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG was my dream car since I was little. I worked hard for 15 years to buy this car, but the car crushed my dream and almost killed my family. Now, the company is completely ignoring the situation.”

He said that he would pay off the installments to the leasing company, whatever it takes. “But now I just feel good that I damaged this deadly vehicle.”

Watch the video below:-


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