Photo Of The Day:- Do You Also Do This Anytime You Are Using The Toilet?

Hi Guys,

Happy New Year in advance to every one of you. May the good Lord guide us to see the brand new year and years after 🙏

I have a true confession to make 😊 Guys, I write most of my Blog post inside the Toilet 🙈

God is great! Sometimes, I wonder why God decided to let Inspirations come in a free flow when using the Toilet and enjoying the process. If you are not careful, you can open 4,000 Internet web pages in 5 minutes 😂😂

I have written hundreds of Hot Articles that has gotten millions of Pageviews and Thousands of Comments while using the Toilet. If I get back into the room, the Inspiration disappears as if you left heaven for hell.

Whenever am pressed and am about to hit the Toilet, I pick up my Phone, get it connected to my Internet, get my Pen and jotter and am off to do my thing.

I normally spend close to 40 minutes to an hour inside the toilet but trust me, I always come out with something amazing from the Toilet and when everything is done as written in the Toilet, the result of the Inspirations always yield fruitful results.

This got me thinking 👇

● Am I the only one who gets Inspired and Motivated inside the Toilet?

● Am I the only person who has learned more in the Toilet than in the School classroom.

● What’s the Average time you spend in the Toilet when you are with your Phone with Internet Access?

Guys, let’s talk so we can also hear from you.

Drop your comments.

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