“I Killed My Sister, But I Don’t Care” – Slay Queen Says After Killing Sister In Car-crash

An 18-year-old lady has been arrested by the police for crashing her car which led to the death of her 14-year-old sister.

The young lady identified as an Instagram slay queen, Obdulia Sanchez, from Stockton, who also live streamed the moment of the crash to her social media followers, claimed she habours no regrets whatsoever over the death of her sister.

According to reports, the Instagram user is accused of driving under the influence leading to the accident which occurred in Los Banos, California on Friday.

Obdulia Sanchez’s sister, Jacqueline Sanchez was reported to have died at the scene of the accident according to police sources while police authorities look into the details of the graphic video which was shared online by her sister which is suspected to hold the key information to the cause of the crash

The slay queen was in the Instagram Live Feed seen talking to the camera as she drove normally and in one moment rolled the car off the road into a barbed wire fence and onto a field where the crash occurred.

Obdulia Sanchez who was fatally injured in the crash was seen still talking to the camera as she said:

“Jacqueline, please wake up. I f****** killed my sister, OK? I know I’m going to jail for life. I love my sister… this is the last thing I thought was going to happen to us.”

She added:

“I killed my sister, but I don’t care. I killed my sister. I know I’m going to prison, but I don’t care. I’m sorry baby. I’m a hold it down.”

The clip which was found to be too graphic and disturbing ended with the Instagram slay queen kneeling next to the head of her dead sister saying:

“Wake up baby, I’m f**king sorry baby, I did not mean to kill you sweetie.”

Police report holds that the 14-year-old deceased was thrown out of the car through its window during the crash confirming that she didn’t have a seat belt on.

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