“I don’t want to hear anything about him ever again,” — Hushpuppi’s former best friend calls him out

…So, Hushpuppi has had another fall out with one of his close friends, Patrick…

If you’re an avid follower of Hushpuppi, I’m sure you’d have countless of time, seen him flexing with a “white guy”, a guy he calls his bestfriend.

See the picture below to refresh your memory.

They go around from country to country, in private jets, luxury shopping in Limousines, Rolls Royce, and drink the most expensive of drinks.

It was even rumored one time, that Hushpuppi was gay, and his friend, Patrick, was his sponsor, due to how they relate with themselves on social media, take pictures together, shop together, eat together and the rest.

A picture of Patrick, Hushpuppi’s former Best friend with Davido.

Now, all of that has gone to the gutters… Just like the fall out he had with Mompha, it seems Hushpuppi and Patrick are over!

Patrick revealed he has been getting series of messages from folks, to make a comment about his current brawl with Mompha, and to also confirm if he really pays for all the luxury shopping, and private planes he takes…

Recall Mompha claimed Hushpuppi is broke, and most of his lifestyle he flaunts on social media is fake.. So it’s only fair for folks to confirm from his bestfriend patrick..

Now, Patrick has made a comment, that Hushpuppi indeed pays for all of these stuffs, but they’re both over. He wrote on his Instagram; “Hushpuppi Paid me exactly 1200$ US DOLLARS for the privatejet flight with that CJ2+. He also tried to block my IG verification process for NO REASON SO I DONT WANT TO HEAR ANYTHING ABOUT HIM EVER AGAIN IF YOU MENTION HIM IN DM OR COMMENTS YOU WILL GET BLOCKED FOREVER”. “He paid for the PJ flight  in CASH IT WASNT FREE now leave me the f-ck all alone OK.”

They have also unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Below is a video of them together, flexing, boarding private jets, when the going was still good;

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