How To Save Someone’s Video Status On Whatsapp Without Asking Them

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For the past few months, WhatsApp has introduced WhatsApp update that enables the user to post videos and pictures as WhatsApp status. The introduction of this update got most Whatsapp users amazingly happy.These Whatsapp statuses delete automatically after 24 hours.
Well, how true is that?.
Most people think is only you that have either the pictures and videos that you post on your status.

For the fact that Whatsapp has introduced option that enables the user to restrict particular people from viewing your status and also allowing people to view a certain status doesn’t mean your WhatsApp status is fully secured.

Why isn’t your WhatsApp status secured?
For the fact that you post any video or picture on your status, then you have to aware that the people that you have allowed or restricted to view your WhatsApp status they have the files that you upload.
I know you are thinking how well before an individual will be able to view your status they have to download first right?

Where do the downloaded files go? They can’t just vanish into thin air.

I know if someone posts some picture or video on his or her status and you like it, you screenshot the picture and if it a video you ask the person to send the file to you.

What if the person just want you to view the file, that means he or she won’t send the video file or picture to you

I will show you how to get those file without asking the person for it.

All you need to do is go to your file manager on your phone and go to settings.

Go to setting of your file manager and click on show all hidden files

Tap the box to select show hidden files

Now go to your whatsapp folder and open it

Go to media folder and open it

You will now see a folder name .Status(Open it)

Here you will see all the whatsapp stutuses you have already seen or view on your friends status.

NB: You have to know whether your Whatsapp files are stored on either your phone memory or external memory card.

If you find this helpful, share it to save someone too!! Drop your comments if you have any problem ..

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