“Don’t Kill Yourself Because Of Sex, You Are Making Love Not Drilling Oil” – Nigerian Doctor Tells Man Who Asked For Drug To last More Than 5 Minutes

A Nigerian medical doctor, is currently trending on Twitter, following his advice he gave a man who was making inquiry for a drug his 23 year old friend who last just three minutes during sex with his wife, can use to boost his sexual performance.

According to Dr Olufunmilayo, there is nothing to worry if a man lasts just three minutes during sex.

He went on to say that if a man lasts less than a minute, then it is a source of worry. The doctor went on to remind men that they are only trying to make love, not drilling for crude oil.

He wrote;

He doesn’t need any drugs at all.
3 minutes is actually enough time for sexual intercourse.
If it was less than a minute, I may worry.

No one should feel less than a man because they release in 3-5mins.
Please remember, you are trying to make love, not drilling for crude oil.

Medically, anything from 3-10 minutes is acceptable to be normal for ejaculation during sex.

While some men can do more, it does NOT mean those men who do less have a medical problem.

No man deserves to be called to Glory because they wanted to prove a needless point.

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