Beans Is More Important To Your Body Than You Thought And Here Is Why

Beans contain amino acids, which are the chemicals that combine to form protein and help build muscle. Protein is an essential nutrient.

Beans are a source of protein, vitamins and fiber and there are a variety of different beans, and most must be cooked to be safe to eat.

Below are some health benefits:


1. Control your weight

A recent study found that people who eat beans had a 22 percent lower risk of obesity and were more likely to have a smaller waist than people who didn’t eat beans. Beans are high in soluble fibre, which slows digestion and makes you feel full longer.

2. For more iron

Combining iron-rich beans  with other good sources of vitamin C increases the body’s ability to absorb the iron and everyone should include this in their diet.

3. Lowers cancer risk

Research has found that those who ate beans and lentils at least twice a week had a 25 percent lower risk of breast cancer than women who ate them just once a month.

4. Boost your enzymes

Copper is a key mineral important to the function of several enzymes ‘is crucial for making skin pigment and connective tissues. One cup of beans has enough copper in it to last a lifetime.

5. Control high blood pressure

A study found that dietary protein and soluble fibre helps prevent hypertension and improve control of it. The researchers suggested legumes (beans) as a way to increase both nutrients in your daily diet.

6. Prevent birth defects

Folate is, of course, a must for any woman considering having children, as it helps prevent defects in developing neural tubes. One cup of beans provides a whole lot of folate which is highly important in pregnancy.

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